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Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours

Music Concours

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Concours Process

YOO JAE HA MUSIC CONCOURS is Korea’s only popular music competition designed to discover talented young singer-songwriters. Over the last two decades, it has emerged as one of the most celebrated music competitions in Korea, finding hidden gems that have now become some of Korea’s most prominent artists, such as Yoo Hee-yeol, Cho Gyu-chan, Kim Yeon-wu, Jeong Ji-chan and Sweet Sorrow.

After hearing the news that the competition may no longer be held due to financial difficulties, officials of the CJ Cultural Foundation stepped forward to become official title sponsors of the competition beginning in 2014, recognizing the significance of discovering gifted artists—a cause that the competition sought to rally behind.

Since then, the foundation has successfully hosted the competition, sponsoring the whole spectrum of the competition from operation, providing CJ Cultural Foundation Awards, producing and promoting winners’ albums, and providing performance venues.


  • Application

  • Document screening

  • Preliminary screening (40 teams in total)

  • Official competition

  • Announcement of final rankings and award ceremony

    • Total scholarship of KRW 20 million
    • Record production and release
    • Performance opportunities

    * The above is subject to change according to circumstances of the organizer.