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No. of documentaries that have won domestic film awards

Incubating Program

The program seeks to discover gifted, early-career storytellers who are likely to reshape the future of Korean films, providing them with institutional support to help bring new ideas and inspired visions to diverse audiences.

The grantees will not only be given financial subsidies, but also professional coaching, such as mentorship and expert monitoring of their treatments and scenarios.

They will also be guided on proposing and promoting their ideas to producers, helped to refine their scenarios and turn the works into actual films, all of which are hoped to further enrich the Korean filmmaking industry.


  • Application

  • Document screening

  • Interview

  • Incubation (6 months)

    • Grants
    • Professional consulting, monitoring, mentorship and partner matching
    • Assistance in completing the scenario, plan and synopsis
  • Help market entry

    • O’pen: pre-visualization of the scenario
    • STORY UP & O’pen: scenario pitching
    • Run S- PITCH event
    • Arrange business meetings
    • Provide translation services