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Incubating Program

STAGE UP supports the creation and development of emerging and established creators of theatrical performances such as stage plays and musicals, while also offering venues for theater companies, actors and staff. It provides institutional support to artists to create performing arts for all generations to enjoy and to make inroads into international markets, contributing to the creation of a healthy performing arts ecosystem.

Open Call for Musical

The program helps fledgling creators to plan and develop original musical theatrical performances through professional mentorship and coaching, discovers high-quality original musicals and offers step-by-step support, including workshops, venue rental and the actual performance, making positive contributions to development of the performing arts.


  • Application

  • Document Screening

    • Synopsis and treatment (screenplay) screening
  • Incubation (2-3 months)

    • Preliminary selection
    • Designation of mentors for production and musical direction for development of the work
  • Screening

    • Script/screenplay screening
  • Reading Session

    • Grants
    • Showcase in CJ azit Daehakno
    • Arrangement of at least one piano with pianists and actors
    • Staff support, i.e. producer, music director, etc.
  • Performance (finalists who have been selected after the reading session)

    • Grants
    • Performance in CJ azit Daehakno (at least three weeks)
    • Promotion and marketing support
    • Casting
    • Support for staff composition, including producers and music directors
    • Provide practice studios

Open Call for Venue

The venue support program for creators and theater companies aims to share the creation of experimental and groundbreaking productions, whether they be plays, musicals, or dance dramas, with the audience. It will provide sound and lighting equipment in the performance arena, and finance a portion of the expenses for creative works to encourage the artist to be truly innovative in their endeavors.


  • Application

  • Screening

  • Announcement

    • Provision of the venue, facilities and equipment (up to three weeks)
    • Production expenses up to KRW 15 million in cash
    • Support for promotion and marketing of the works