'Azit Live' YouTube Channel for Indie Musicians

CJ Cultural Foundation (Chairman Lee Jay-hyun) announced on the 23rd that it will operate a mobile-friendly live stage series 'Azit Live' for indie musicians along with music content startup Space Oddity (CEO Kim Hong-ki).

The contents of ‘Azit Live’ are uploaded on YouTube and promoted through Facebook. The uploaded videos ─ ‘Occupational Disease’ by OKDAL, ‘When I Can't Fall Asleep’ by Yun Ddan-Ddan, ‘Gohaegoback’ by new Tune Up artist George, ‘You, Again’ by So Soo-bin ─ have received positive responses, recording an average of 200k views.

Since 2010, CJ Cultural Foundation has selected young and rookie musicians mainly in the Korean indie music industry as ‘Tune Up’ artists, and supported them to help them advance into the market: from producing albums, providing CJ Azit recording studios and concert hall facilities and to domestic and foreign stage opportunities. Through the recently launched 'Azit Live' YouTube channel, the foundation introduced the music of Korean indie musicians optimized for mobile devices, the foundation is offering unique marketing and public relation opportunities to the musicians who need it the most.

While ‘Azit Live’ is filmed in a horizontal box-shaped stage frame optimized for mobile viewing, it is the ‘biggest stage in the world’ with no physical limitations to the artists. Currently it is simply a live video of artists with colors in the background, however is planning to create more complex concepts in the future.

The foundation official commented “Musicians will be able to express their creativity with no boundaries. Not only solo singer-songwriters and duets, but also big bands can perform in the horizontal box-shaped stage. The ‘Azit Live’ stage targets all indie musicians, including Tune Up musicians, and also plans to vitalize the diverse music ecosystem through various methods such as the collaboration of unique musicians.”

Music creative group 'Space Oddity', which developed the first mobile contents such as 'Sero Live' ,'Tipsy Live' and produced the contents of various music platforms, including Melon brand film 'Temperature of Our Past', participated in this project together as a partner of CJ Cultural Foundation.

For Azit Live’s success, its creative group is drawing attention. Director Daniel Jeon, the first generation director of fashion films, Sound Director Park Byung-joon who is famous for <Hello> album by Cho Yong-pil, Director Ham Yoon-ho well known for his works for artists Lee So-ra and Park Jae-beom, and Art Director Yu Jae-heon of Youjam Studio who was in charge of fireworks at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Big Bang concert and PSY concert joined in to create the Azit Live stage.

“We look forward to shining a light on each indie musicians’ unique style and theme. We tried to produce music contents which are made even more enjoyable when simultaneously watching the visual content.” commented Kim Hong-ki, CEO of Space Oddity.

Lee Yong-kwon, Director of CJ Cultural Foundation, added “All live videos had English subtitles added to take advantage of the YouTube channel’s world-wide audiences. I hope it will be a great opportunity for musicians to introduce themselves to domestic and also foreign music fans. Through Azit Live, we will actively act as a curator so that music fans can meet a more diverse variety of music that suits their tastes.”