This is a benefit for you, why not apply for CJ Music Scholarship?

2020 음악장학사업

The Berkeley university of Music, which produced active musicians in Korea such as Son Seung-yeon, Henry, and Kang E-chae, is a school with the best faculty and solid curriculums. All music students dream of being a student of the Berkley, which makes it so competitive to get in. Congratulations to all of you who have finally received your acceptance letter! (Clapping) I'm sure you're spending each day excitedly before you enter this fall?
However I don't think you're not solely happy to due to the high tuition fee and costs for studying abroad. The CJ Cultural Foundation Music Scholarship Project is designed to make these musicians focus on studying and music activities. And now we are offering a scholarship project for you again this year. Let's take a look at all the information and benefits you need to know before applying.

Is it possible for anyone who's a student of Berkeley School of Music?

The CJ Music Scholarship Business (Berkeley College of Music) is for those who are expected to enter Berkeley this fall semester. Those who are already attending Berkeley College of Music or are planning to receive other scholarships are unfortunately ineligible to apply. So, freshmen in the fall semester of 2020, do not miss this golden opportunity that's only once during your study at Berkeley College of Music!

What must be prepared for this scholarship?

It's Berkeley Music College acceptance letter! In addition, you have to prepare other documents such as health insurance payment confirmation, resident registration copy, and family relationship certificate. If you have a recommendation letter from an educational institution graduated or currently attending school, you're all ready to go! Now, you can go to the CJ Cultural Foundation website and fill out the application form. How easy!

2019 음악장학사업

Get the unbelievable benefits!

‘Well begun is half done’. When the application is completed, you are half done. Then CJ Cultural Foundation will conduct two screening sessions, document and interview, and will select the final scholarship student. There are two main benefits for scholarship student selected under the fair procedure. Let's take a closer look at the benefits.

1. CJ Presidential Scholarship

It's a benefit of providing scholarships to one of the best students among freshmen entering this year for anything required during their academic life. If you are selected as this scholarship student (cj presidential scholarship), the scholarship will fully fund not only for the tuition but also for in-school life.
Many international students often have difficulties in balancing between working part-time and school because they have to cover their living expenses. Isn't it a great benefit to supplement these practical problems?

2. CJ Music Scholarship

You might think, "Then, only one scholarship student is to be selected?" But it’s not. The benefits we introduced previously are scholarships for one of the best students, but this CJ music scholarship is little different.
CJ Music Scholarship selects up to five top students from freshmen in 2020 and offers a scholarship of $16,000 a year. In particular, this benefit is even more special because it is a 1:1 matching scholarship, with the CJ Cultural Foundation and Berkeley College of Music each offering $8,000.

3. Common Benefits

CJ Music Scholarship Program provides scholarships for up to four years for up to six students, but that's not the end! The CJ Cultural Foundation supports not only financial support but also active music career.
CJ Azit Gwangheungchang is there for you to do your music activities! You can record your own music here, or you can have a concert where you can enjoy music with many jazz lovers. And from this year on, there will also be some performances at CJ Azit Daehangno, as well as opportunities for music education to enlarge your experience.

2020 음악장학사업

CJ Music Scholarship Business is available from February 20, 2020 (Thursday) to April 7 (Tue) at the CJ Cultural Foundation website from 2 p.m.
Wouldn't it be reassuring to have CJ Cultural Foundation with you during a lonely and unfamiliar time of studying abroad? We will cheer you on for your better future!