The musical is full of charms, including actors' passionate performances, stage production to maximize the scene, and rhythmical numbers that entertain the ears. So, what comes to your mind when you think of musicals? I'm sure most of you are reminded of big musicals like Elizabeth, Jekyll and Hyde, and The Phantom of the Opera. It is true that these large-scale productions with popular casts and great stages are very attractive.

However, creative musicals also have a lot of manias for their ingenious materials, unique developments, and a feature of small theaters that make it easy for audiences to be connected. But it's also true that there's a long and difficult process before creative musicals come out of the world and meet audiences. There is only a few that actually made it to the stage due to economic difficulties, and lack of spaces to perform. To solve this problem, CJ Cultural Foundation has developed a total of 58 creative musicals, systematically supporting new musical creators through stage-up. We've managed to turn a total of 17 works into commercial performances, including <The Goddess is Watching>, <Pungwolju>, <Arang-Ga>.

The CJ Culture Foundation stage-up has returned with more supports in its 11th year. The stage-up of the CJ Cultural Foundation offers lots of benefits from experts’ mentoring to a stage debut. Let's look into the details and benefits of the contest.

2020 stage-up

imagine your work on stage, stage up!

What is Stage Up? It is a support program of the CJ Cultural Foundation, which was launched to produce and develop musical creators. Our goal is to discover good works, to develop them with expert mentors, and to put them on the stage for reading performances. Also we work to produce more creators, and help them continue to present works that are proven to be commercially viable. Playwrights and composers! Have you ever felt sorry for your great plays and numbers didn't get the attention from the world? Did you need an objective assessment to see if your work is whether well written or not? Then don't hesitate to apply for stage-up! 

Not all works are eligible to apply

Any creative musicals made by composer and playwright together is eligible to apply! But there's something to take into consideration. First of all, you can apply for adaptations of novels, myths, and movies that are not against copyright.
Also, commercial performances that copyrights have been settled can also apply! However, the work that has been performed more than seven times or selected in other support projects cannot apply, so please read carefully and apply for it!

Do not forget to submit all essential documents!

A musical is a work that combines synopsis, script, and music into one single masterpiece. There are documents to be submitted for stage-up creative musicals. Register participating application, work description, synopsis, script or treatment, and more than 5 songs on the website. Be careful not to miss anything!

2020 stage up

Get all benefits!

1. Grants for creating musical

The cost of going around is so high while writing a work. As a result, even going on an in-site survey is a burden. So, stage-up provides 4 million won grants to writers and composers so that they can afford their in-site surveys, conference room reservations, and even a cup of coffee they drink during the meeting. Stage Up will create an environment where you can solely focus on creative activities.

2. Mentoring for developing a work

If you had a mentor who would give you accurate feedback and direction, it would be an opportunity for you to grow up faster. Stage Up also has a program that allows you to develop your work by designating a mentor who is perfect fit for your creations. In fact, even the creators of the 2019 selection picked mentoring as one of the best support programs, saying, 'Thanks to my mentor, I was able to solve all of blockages or difficulties in setting the stage.'

3. Making a reading-performance

A reading performance, a stage for determining the commercialization of a work, is the final step of Stage-up. We provide this step to give you the opportunity to experience producing real stage. With the full support of Stage-up, you can be on the stage!

2020 stage up

You shouldn’t miss a chance to perform your dream stage to your heart's content! Gather a team of congenial composers and writers and apply!
Stage Up is available from February 24, 2020 to March 31st, 4 p.m. on the CJ Culture Foundation website. Those who want to turn charming ideas into a real musical with a solid plot, CJ Cultural Foundation Stage Up is with you until the day it captures the hearts of many audiences.

To apply: 

2020 stage up