CJ Cultural Foundation (Chairman Lee Jay Hyun) announced that it selected three teams including 'Damons Year', ' O3ohn', and 'Wussami' as the 20th TUNE UP musicians this year.

2019 TUNE UP musician recruitment which took place from last February to March got a lot of attention from a total of 501 participating teams which is the largest number in its history. CJ Cultural Foundation selected 10 teams out of the 50 that passed the initial screening and held a showcase with them. It selected a total of 3 teams (4 people) as final TUNE UP musicians.

'Damons Year' has already applied for TUNE UP twice and drunk a bitter cup, but on his third attempt, he was selected as one of the 20th TUNE UP musicians. As a self-taught guitarist, composer, and lyricist, he won the Grand Prize of the 2nd Bucheon Busking Contest in 2017 with his own song <Window>. To the question about how it feels to be selected as a TUNE UP musician, 'Damons Year' responded, "I am planning to lay the foundation firmly to be a full-time musician while doing music activities as one of the 20th TUNE UP musicians,” and expressed his expectation, saying "I would like to take part in many big stages and festivals in which musicians who work without a company cannot easily participate."

O3ohn, who became famous with OSTs of the dramas <Mr. Sunshine> and <Son: The Guest> hopes to resume his music activities in earnest through TUNE UP after the military service. Like 'Damons Year,' he has never had a professional musical education, but he is a singer-songwriter who is so passionate that he studied for himself sequencer (MIDI program) via YouTube.

'Wussami' that won the Grand Prize of EBS Hello Rookie in 2018, is a male folk duo working mostly in Busan. The first full-length album of 'Wussami,' <Take My Hand>, was released last year and nominated for the Rookie of the Year of the 16th Korean Popular Music Awards, and the duo started to become known through appearing in <Space> of EBS and <You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook> of KBS. In addition, 1back, the vocalist and guitarist of 'Wussami,' has done various works such as vegetable delivery and office works for a living, while writing songs at the same time. Guitarist Kim Seon Hoon did not give up his dream of music despite the difficulty of visual impairment, and he has forged his broad musical spectrum including flute, base, piano, and guitar.

The 20th TUNE UP musicians who have fostered their dream of music passionately although they have not studied music professionally said with one accord, "TUNE UP is different from other programs and popular among musicians in that it generously offers practical and diverse supports, not simply for titles but for continuous musical activities," "We expect to receive support for performances and album planning from TUNE UP in the future."

TUNE UP, the musical support program of CJ Cultural Foundation, is a project of cultivating creators which continuously considers and practically supports with indie musicians of various genres who are out of star system the parts needed the most for the scene of popular music. It aims to make the ecosystem of popular music more energetic by introducing music of various genres to domestic and overseas music market. Until 2018, a total of 135 musicians from 47 teams, including 'Melomance', 'Car, the Garden', 'ADOY', 'Sultan of The Disco', 'Rock’N Roll Radio', 'Elaine', 'So Soo Bin’, and ‘Bily Acoustie' have been selected as TUNE UP musicians.

For selected musicians, customized programs including music album production and promotion are provided. They can get supports for large-scale performance planned by CJ Cultural Foundation, or participate in <TUNE UP stage> which is set up for domestic and overseas music festivals. In addition, it is possible for them to participate as lecturers in <TUNE UP Music Class>, another culture-sharing program of CJ Cultural Foundation. In this case, tuition fees are paid. They can also get the benefit of using CJ Azit Gwangheungchang as a venue for performing, practicing, recording, office work, editing videos and design, and networking.

Meanwhile, on the 31st of May, the musicians selected as the 20th TUNE UP musicians of CJ Cultural Foundation gave a performance at '2019 Seoul Park Music Festival X TUNE UP Stage' of <Live Club Day> held at CJ Azit Gwangheungchang, in order to celebrate being selected.

<Live Club Day> is a boundaryless music festival held on the last Friday of each month by nine live clubs and concert halls in front of Hongik University. '2019 Seoul Park Music Festival X TUNE UP Stage' where the team of the 20th TUNE UP musicians appeared was the preview stage of 2019 Seoul Park Music Festival, which is scheduled to take place from the 16th to 17th of June.

That day, on the stage that CJ Cultural Foundation organized for the communication between TUNE UP artists and the audience, the teams that were selected as the 20th TUNE UP musicians such as 'Damons Year,' 'O3ohn,' 'Wussami' and guest musicians including 'SORAN' and 'OurR' showed up.

'Damons Year,' ' O3ohn,' and 'Wussami' will also be on TUNE UP stage of '2019 Seoul Park Music Festival' held at Olympic Park from the 15th to 16th of next month. In '2019 Seoul Park Music Festival,' it is possible to meet not only them but also senior TUNE UP musicians who are continuously being loved by music fans, including 'George,' 'So Soo Bin,' 'Wetter,' 'Bily Acoustie,' 'Elaine,' 'ADOY,' 'Car, the Garden,' and 'Lee Jin Ah.'