Pay attention to‘young Yoo Jae Has you will meet for the 30th time.

Application for the 30th CJ Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours preliminary screening begins


- Since Yoo Jae Ha passed away, Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours has been held every year since 1989 (except for 2005), and it is now in its 30th year.  

- Since Campus Song Festival and Riverside Song Festival disappeared, it has attracted attention as the sole concours in the field of pop music that discovers young singer-songwriters.

- Anyone over 17 years of age can participate in. Reception begins on May 21st, and the official competition will be held on November 9th after going through some stages including a performance examination.


CJ Cultural Foundation (Chairman Lee Jae Hyun) announced that it would begin the preliminary reception for ‘The 30st CJ Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours’ from May 21st to June 27th through its website ( It used to be a concours in which only 18-year-old or older university (graduate) students until 2017, but following last year, any new singer-songwriter who is 17 years old or older can join without restrictions.

CJ Cultural Foundation, which is co-sponsoring both Yoo Jae Ha Alumni Association and the concours, explained that it abolished the condition of university (graduate school) enrollment so that anyone with a desire for music as singer-songwriter could participate. In addition, it said that it lowered the age limit considering the social change that lowered the hurdles for enjoying music through home recording and activating SNS channels. As the result, in 2018, two third-year high school students entered the official competition and were named the youngest Yoo Jae Ha alumni.

Individuals or teams wishing to participate in the 30th CJ Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours can submit the recordings of their own songs and live performance videos with the application form on the website. The videos should not be submitted in the form of files, but of video site links such as YouTube. On June 27th, when the reception is over, a total of 10 finalists will be selected after document and preliminary screening, and they will be on the stage of the official competition on November 9th.

Under the leadership of Yoo Jae Ha Scholarship Committee, 'Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours' was held for the first time in 1989 after Yoo Jae Ha, a genius musician, passed away in a sudden accident in 1987, to celebrate his musicality and to continuously discover young singer-songwriters. Except for 2005, it has been held every year and it is now in its 30th year.

There were many twists and turns during that time. The concours could not be held because of real difficulties in 2005, and it was in crisis of halt once again in 2013, but it could be continued thanks to the efforts of musicians from Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours alumni. Afterward, with the support of the CJ Cultural Foundation which agreed with the importance of supporting young creators, it is now ready to welcome the thirtieth ‘young Yoo Jae Has’ with a more stable system.

The concours is getting more attention than ever in that it is almost the sole concours in the field of pop music since Campus Song Festival and Riverside Song Festival that were the gateway to success for young singer-songwriters, and that it makes it possible to feel both the musical change during the past 30 years, which could change even a generation, and the power of Yoo Jae Ha’s music which still attracts people as ever.

In particular, the number of participants is continuously increasing, as CJ Cultural Foundation which has been supporting the concours since 2014 and co-sponsoring it since 2018, provides alumni album and performance, CJ Azit recording studio and concert hall, and the opportunity of producing EP album for the winners of grand prize and CJ Cultural Foundation’s special prize, apart from 20 million wons of scholarship in total. Around 450 teams in 2015, 600 teams in 2016 and 2017, and subsequently, around 720 teams participated in the concours, which was the largest number in its history.

“The fact that musicians from Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours, who have competence in both ‘creation’ and ‘performance’ and include ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’ who is producer and musician, and ‘Bang Si Hyuk’ who produced BTS are moving in various fields of musical society proves the concours’ reason for being,” CJ Cultural Foundation’s staff said, “We will contribute to the development of a healthy music ecosystem by supporting musicians and Yoo Jae Ha Music Concours which is the gateway to success for various new singer-songwriters with potential.”