Trending indie band ‘Adoy’ is hosting an exchange performance with Japanese band ‘Tempalay’ in Seoul and Tokyo


- It is held as part of ‘Tune Up Stage Global’ which is a collaboration performance project with domestic and abroad musicians of CJ Cultural Foundation’s support business ‘Tune Up’

- The collaboration of ‘Adoy’, Korean quartet synthpop band and also a 19th Tune Up artist, and ‘Tempalay’, Japanese trio psychedelic pop band, and more trending artists from indie scene in both countries makes headlines, They will be performing in Seoul on March 16th, and subsequently in Tokyo on May 24th

- CJ “Adoy who has potential to launch abroad, plans to perform in Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Each musician team will receive customized support”


Recognized both for their musicality and popularity, ‘Adoy’, who has settled as a trending band, will buckle down to its global performance with ‘Tune Up’ this year.


CJ Cultural Foundation (Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun) has mentioned on the 12th that on this coming March 16th, Korean quartet synthpop band ‘Adoy’ and Japanese trio psychedelic pop band ‘Tempalay’ will be coming on the first ‘Tune Up Stage Global’ stage in ‘CJ Azit Gwangheungchang’ located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Subsequently on May 24th, their collaborative performance will be held in Tokyo, Japan.


‘Tune Up Stage Global’ is one of the ‘Tune Up Stage’ programs of CJ Cultural Foundation that is proceeded in various forms to help communication between young indie musicians and the audience, and to promote vitalization of domestic music ecology. It holds collaborative performance of Korean musician team with international musicians that have similar styles. The foundation explains that it will allow opportunities to enjoy good international music for domestic music fans, and to launch abroad and to expand the global network for musicians.


The mixed quartet band ‘Adoy’ consists Ju-hwan Oh(Guitar, vocalist), Zee(synthesizer), Da-young Jung(bass, vocalist), Geun-chang Park(drum). They have released a debut EP in 2017, and has shown active performance as they have been selected for CJ Cultural Foundation’s musician support business ‘Tune Up’ in 2018.


Adoy’s music that has significant ‘synth pop’ and ‘city pop’ impression is very dreamy but yet not abstruse, and also commented that it helps for better mood while listening. The first EP [CATNIP] gained great popularity from its delicate sound and melody, and their second EP [LOVE] swept the electronic part and song part simultaneously. In addition, both [CATNIP] and [LOVE] has ranked 1st place in ‘K-Indie Chart’. Awarded with Judge’s Award in the 28th Seoul Music Awards last January, ‘Adoy’ has again been recognized as a trending band that has both the musicality and the popularity.


‘Tempalay’, the band that will be meeting ‘Adoy’ and the music fans, is a mixed trio indie band that performs centering on Saitama. With Ohara Ryoto(guitar, vocalist), Aaamyyy(keyboard), Fujimoto Natsuki(drum) as band members, it plays psychedelic pop with relaxing sound and nostalgic melodies.


In 2015, just a year after the band organization, they have received great attention by performing in Fuji Rock Festival, which is the biggest music festical in Asia, and has been standing out inside and outside Japan with cases where ‘RM’, the leader of BTS posted the streaming photo of ‘Doooshiyoooo!!’, a song enlisted in Tempalay’s EP album [What a Wonderful World], on his official twitter. It is the first time for Tempalay to perform in Korea.


Two bands shared their ambition to fascinate the audience for 120 minutes with various repertoires and their extensive performance experience in many domestic and abroad festival stages.


A staff from CJ Cultural Foundation announced that “Adoy is a hit inside and outside Korea, and in order for them to carry out a meaningful success, we are planning on giving intensive support for the performances in Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam”, and that “we will continue to actively look for indie bands with potentials like Adoy, and provide them with not only the basic music career like record production, but also customized support for each team based on their characteristics.”


Meanwhile, CJ Cultural Foundation will hold ‘Tune Up’ 20th contest on the upcoming March 29th. ‘Tune Up’ is a business that practically supports the things that are most needed in the pop music scene with indie musicians of various genre outside celebrity system. They have discovered 135 musicians in 47 teams, including MeloMance, iamnot, ADOY, Car the Garden, Sultan Of The Disco, Rock ‘N Roll Radio and Asian Chairshot, and supported the production of 40 albums.


The selected musician teams for the 10th ‘Tune Up’ will be provided with record production, promotion marketing support including participation in Youtube Azit Live Session, and opportunities to participate in diverse stages and music festivals held in CJ Azit Gwangheungchang. Creators who seek to participate can apply through the website of CJ Cultural Foundation(