CJ Cultural Foundation begins the contest for 2019 Stage Up venue support project


- The project supports individual or group artists in the field of performing arts such as plays and musicals by providing CJ Azit stage and production cost

- Application is available through CJ Cultural Foundation website from 11th to March 4th


From 11th to this coming March 4th, CSV CJ Cultural Foundation of CJ Group (Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun) announced to hold the contest for ‘2019 Stage Up venue support project’ that supports individual creators and small theatrical companies in the field of performing arts such as plays and musicals by providing CJ Azit stage and production cost.


'Stage Up venue support project' was launched in 2016 to help promising works to advance into the market and to contribute to the vitalization of performing arts fields. Until now, 00 works have been presented to the audience through the project.


Any works from creators with Korean nationality, domestic creator groups or theatrical companies can be applied through CJ Cultural Foundation website (www.cjazit.org). Selected creators can use the whole facilities including CJ Azit Daehangno which is a specialized concert hall for musicals and theaters, sound and lighting for about 3 weeks. In addition, CJ Cultural Foundation will support with production costs of 15 million won for the creators.


CJ Azit Daehangno that pursues ‘Culture Container that contains culture creation and sharing’ is a theater that can accommodate up to 200 audience, and it opened its door in 2016, the 10th year of founding CJ Cultural Foundation.


It is convertible in that it could remove part of the seats to expand the stage space, and it is designed to allow creator’s open directing according to the features of the work. Since the distance between the stage and the audience is less than a meter long, the audience can vividly feel the passionate acting of the actors.


Based on the philosophy of Lee Jay-Hyun, the chairman of CJ Group, that ‘If there is no culture, there is no country,’ CJ Cultural Foundation has carried out various culture and arts support activities since 2006. Last November, they received Seoul City Culture Award for the first time as a corporate foundation in recognition of enhancing the accessibility of culture and arts to Seoul citizens.


They are said to have solidified the foundation of Korean creative musical scene from 2010 by continuously discovering and nurturing young and new performance creators, and by supporting scenario development. 15 works like ‘Aranga’, ‘Julie and Paul’, ‘Karamazov’ and musicals that set its foot to Japan including ‘Goddess is Watching’, ‘Poongwallju’ succeeded in advancing into the market as an official commercial performance.


A staff from CJ Cultural Foundation announced that “In the past 3 years, as we have carried out Stage Up venue support business, we could find many works that were creative and promising,” and that “We hope it could be the opportunity that can help competent young creators fulfill their dreams and help their works meet the audience.”