Stage Up’s Space Support Program

CJ Cultural Foundation is not only supporting young creators but is helping to develop the performance industry itself. CJ Cultural Foundation (Chairman Lee Jay-hyun) announced that it will start the Stage Up ‘Space Support Project Competition’ from July 19.

The Stage Up Support Project supports various performing arts creators, such as individual performers and small group by providing theatre space, sound, lighting use, and supplying a certain amount of production costs for approximately three weeks. CJ Cultural Foundation has been promoting the project since 2016 to help promising works advance into the market, made it to the stage thus vitalizing the musical industry. So far, eight works have been on stage.

The contest is open to all creators with Korean nationality, as well as creative performances by Korean creative teams. An application form and a performance plan can be found on CJ Cultural Foundation official website (, as well as submission tab of one synopsis and one script. For musicals, three or more song are additionally required upon application.

CJ Azit Daehakro opened in 2016 when it marked the 10th anniversary of the foundation, is a theatre built by CJ Cultural Foundation for young artists, accommodating up to 200 people. It is a two-story space with a high floor, and the two-story railing allows for a more three-dimensional stage. The distance between the stage and the audience is only approximately 1 metre.

“The most difficult thing for a small theatre company like us is to secure a good concert hall. For the Stage Up Project, we could focus more on the quality of the work, and we think we had better results.” said Choi Hyun-mi, a head of musical ‘Anne’ production company, ‘Geolpan’. The musical was first staged through the project in 2017 and its tickets have been sold out for every stage ever since.

“We hope that this contest will bring great performances” a CJ Cultural Foundation official added.

The CJ Cultural Foundation is known to cultivate and foster young and new performers through the Stage Up Project since 2010. Moreover, it has been recognized for contributing to the Korean creative musical industry. A total of 15 musicals including ‘The Goddess is Watching’, ‘Poongwolju’, which even made its way to Japan, ‘Arangga’, ‘Julie and Paul’, ‘Karamazov’, ‘Pan’ and more entered the market as commercial performances through the Stage Up reading stage.