‘2018 Story Up’ for Rookie Screenwriters and Directors

Story Up, a project that supports early-career movie creators, has initiated its first two major categories: writer and director sector of the program.

CJ Cultural Foundation (Chairman Lee Jay-hyun) announced on September 9th that it held an official launching ceremony with ten screen writers and five directors who were selected through the ‘2018 Story Up Contest’. The selected winners received a production fund as well as mentoring sessions.

The writers and directors were selected in the first half of this year, after beating the odds of 81:1 and 126:1 each, and will receive various support for their debuts to writing scenarios and producing short films for the next five months.

Since 2010, CJ Cultural Foundation has successfully fostered 12 theatrical releases in total, including drama films ‘My PS Partner’, ‘My Little Hero’, ‘Bluebeard’, ‘A Stray Goat, ‘I Can Speak’ and documentary film ‘Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno’ through ‘Scenario Writing Support Project’ for movie storytellers.

In addition, the foundation official explained that by adding support programs for short films this year, it will expand early-career creators’ foundation in the film sector including writers and directors, and introduce new talents and novel contents more actively to the film community.

At the opening ceremony, which was held for the first time after the creation of a short film production section, the foundation delivered the funding for creation. Professor Gil Jong-cheol of the Department of Theater & Film at Hanyang University gave extensive mentoring for each work, while Professor Kim Eun-young of the Department of Film and Entertainment Business at Chugye University for the Arts mentored the short film production.

In addition to this, CJ Cultural Foundation will provide substantial opportunities to enter the market, including mentoring by a professional writer, director, and producer, work monitoring, special lectures by experts in various fields, scenario pitching and business meetings, and support for sending their works to short film festivals abroad. As usual, all rights to the work belong to the creator.

Professor Kim Eun-young, mentor and coach of this program commented “It was also meaningful for me to be able to meet rookie directors with great potential and originality. Short films are not only an effective way to show early-career directors’ skills and their world of art, but are also valuable works themselves. I hope that many amazing short films will be created through the Story Up project.”

One of the winners in the scenario sector said "I have dreamt of being a screenwriter myself ever since I was young. But writing well and completing an actual film scenario are two different things, so I struggled with it. Most of all, I was lost with how to go about getting into the market. I will try to complete the best works, such as scenario development and pitching with the support I receive from this Story Up program.”