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CJ azit

The perfect place for unrestricted and experimental art

CJ azit Daehakno was launched in April 2016 when the CJ Cultural Foundation celebrated its 10th year. It opened its doors as an auditorium specifically for musicals and plays, facilitating communication and interaction between artist/creators and their audience.

A flexible stage allows the creators to direct the stage composition in various styles according to the application and concepts of the performance. Also, the seats can be moved flexibly for stage extension.

Since its opening, CJ azit Daehakno has provided a venue for musical reading workshops, original plays of theater companies and musical performances, creating a nourishing cultural environment for everyone to enjoy.

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Total number of performances

2016 ~ 2018

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2016 ~ 2018


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The black box theater, measuring 11 meters long, 9.8 meters in width and 4.9 meters in height, can take the form of a flexible theater or a proscenium according to the characteristics of the work to be staged. At the top end of the stage are fixed grids, and at the bottom of the stage is a mobile, flexible stage with a width of 9 meters and depth of 8 meters.


Designed in a gradual rake, the seats (including balcony seats and seats for the physically disabled) which stretch over two stories can accommodate up to 190 people. Some of the seats on the first floor can be removed for stage extension (roughly 68 seats on the first floor: stage extendable by approximately 3.5 meters).

Practice Room

The 52-pyeong (171.9m2) space on the second floor of the building consists of the Creators’ Lounge for meetings, gatherings and waiting, as well as a Practice Room for 10-15 people to work together on plays, musical choreography and singing. It also provides a warehouse to store equipment and props.


69, Daehak-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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